Al Mamoon  - Standard of Services
In all aspects of service to our clients, Al Mamoon adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards in insurance worldwide. The key values which set those standards to which we strive are:

- Behaving with responsibility and integrity in all of our business activities.

- Acting in a courteous, honest and fair manner towards all parties with whom we deal. Being I trustworthy and never putting our own interests or the interests of others above the legitimate , interests of our clients.

- Complying with all relevant Laws and meeting the requirements of all applicable regulatory
Authorities, and appropriate codes of practice and codes of conduct.

- Our employees strive to demonstrate Professional competence and due care including:
* Meeting the technical and professional standards relating to their level of qualification, role and position of responsibility.
* Completing their duties with due skill, care and diligence.

- Upholding professional standards in all dealings and relationships.

- Respecting the confidentiality of information.
- Applying objectivity in making professional judgments and in giving opinions and statements, not allowing prejudice or bias or the Influence of others to override objectivity.


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